Thursday, 26 December 2013

Looking for work

Hello, Well I thought I would just advertise myself here as I am looking for seo work in Sheffield. I am great at getting any site to at least appear somewhere on the internet were it can be found and then I am even better for getting targeted traffic from keyword research and optimizing a site on page and off page for that keyword so that it then appears high up in the search results. I know what I am doing I also know how to protect websites from negative seo, hacking and any other hazardous things like that. I come from Sheffield so I hope if you do hire me that you wont mind the accent. I am looking for seo work in Sheffield however I can get around anywhere in the country if you have me because I am very flexible. I have took on major keywords in the past and have won. I have also negative seo'ed major brands and website and got them penalized as well, so if a website or page is getting in your way in the search results I can wipe that website off the search results for you. Other skills I have are webdesign, graphic design, php, html and 3d design I also know other cool computer stuff as well. Comment below If you need me, I think you do!

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