Sunday, 15 December 2013

The warrioir forum is stupid dont join it

The warrior forum must be one of the worst forums to get seo advice on on earth it is utter garbage. If you want to succeed in the seo world please do not follow any of the rubbish you can read on that forum honestly it really is utter nonsense telling people teo spam their website with rubbish auto generated links to rank... Also its a bit manipulative really and the whole forum is just based upon getting people to buy this really dumb things called wso which stands for warrior special offers. Oh yeah the website used to have a pr5 but google must have penalized the site or something as now it has pr4.. LOL well quite right really as it just has loads of spammy links pointing to it anyway. PLUS THIS IS THE MOST FUNNY PART the warrior forum is so rubbish and they want you to pay to join! how stupid is that.. erm no thank you! Dont waste you money! If you want seo advice then use your common sense, dont spam and there are hundreds of better forums out there to talk to people who actually know what they are doing and are not just out to sell you some cheap rehashed ebook on seo... AVOID THE SNAKEOIL!

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