Thursday, 26 December 2013

Looking for work

Hello, Well I thought I would just advertise myself here as I am looking for seo work in Sheffield. I am great at getting any site to at least appear somewhere on the internet were it can be found and then I am even better for getting targeted traffic from keyword research and optimizing a site on page and off page for that keyword so that it then appears high up in the search results. I know what I am doing I also know how to protect websites from negative seo, hacking and any other hazardous things like that. I come from Sheffield so I hope if you do hire me that you wont mind the accent. I am looking for seo work in Sheffield however I can get around anywhere in the country if you have me because I am very flexible. I have took on major keywords in the past and have won. I have also negative seo'ed major brands and website and got them penalized as well, so if a website or page is getting in your way in the search results I can wipe that website off the search results for you. Other skills I have are webdesign, graphic design, php, html and 3d design I also know other cool computer stuff as well. Comment below If you need me, I think you do!

Seo saddo's

Searchengineland saddos write posts of Christmas day. Well I do not know whether these guys are religious or not but even so they are remarkably sad to be writing about seo and updating the search engine land blog on Christmas day. Today on boxing day I went to there site and checked what was new in the seo world and low and behold there were posts made in the morning of Christmas day. I actually are starting to think that most seo are just mad crazy people with no lives. I made a point not to work on Christmas day. Also people were by the looks of things bidding on expired domain auctions on Christmas day like complete saddo gits as I noticed today with some domains that I want to bid on later on that these domains now have fresh bids made on Christmas day. I hate seo people.... Hmmm I might do some negative seo on these stupid domains up for auction if I dont get them and they go fo to much money... haha waste the atheist nerds money that would be quite funny..." Oh man I spent £700 for that high pr domain and now its got thousands of spam links pointing to it and now worthless......!"

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The internet is against democracy

Stupid nerds must vanish. The internet is a place were you should be able to post what you want and freedom of speech should be everywhere but the stupid internet police wish to censor you under the guise of "spam!" Internet nerds that troll the internet whether a moderator on a forum or just someone who goes around the search results of google looking for spam websites to report are destroying the internet. These freaks have no lives and are self righteous gits basically. And it is these gits that are making it far far harder for small business to promote themselves on line because all promotion form a small business is now apparently spam!THEY MAKE ME SICK AND THERE SHOULD BE A GENOCIDE OF THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE IF IT WAS UP TO ME PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WHAT EVER THEY WANT EVEN IF IT IS SELF PROMOTION!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Google update I see...

With website going up down and everywhere in the google serps I am positive that there has been a very recent google update this December. Website that were ontop are now gone and website that I have not even seen before for some keyword that I watch are now hitting page 1.. Very odd indeed but I think spam website are slipping more and more through.. well spam pages that are on high authority websites... like YouTube and spammers selling stuff on amazon and ebay which then spam the urls. So it seems as though spammers mayn't be able to start spam website from scratch anymore or subdomains on free web 2.0 sites but they can still rank super well if they are on one of these super website that always dominate.

Blackhat seo's are utter retards

Blackhat are so annoying in seo they seem completed to tell people on forums all the seo secrets about getting high pr domains and all that kind of stuff (not really bothered about spamming and other seo stuff only things that make me money), it is like these guy are really lonely and want attention and buddies so head on over to blackhat forums telling who ever they can for "REPUTATION" because they are so petty and stupid. As they share stuff more and more people do the technique like scraping for domains this way or that and that means the technique becomes more saturated and a lot harder to pay out... but after all these morons dont care if they no longer can me any money or do seo as long as they have reputation.. RETARDS UTTER RETARDS. This also means because so many google employees watch these blackhat forums on what these people are doing means that google can fix anything out of place and anything which can make people money to. DOH!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Rock solid seo?

Rock solid soe does it really exist? The simple answer is no if you are a small buisness people will not have heard of you and therefore you will need to build link yourself to get your website off the ground and of course this is in no doubt against the search engines guidelines.. oh dear! Rock solid seo would imply everything you did was natural and to be natural you would have to naturally gain links therefore you wouldn't actually be doing seo now would you? If you dont want get penalized make sure that you just dont build rubbish spammy links and keep things looking as natural as possible even if things aren't all that they seem to be and your building links yourself.. the clever thing about the internet is the fact you can pretend to be one person linking to another when you could simply be the same person.. aim to make links were people cannot see if it is from the site owner or from a normal internet user that is the secret.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Hacked website part2 what to do

 I just emailed the host that the hacked site is with hopefully they can sort out this issue for the website owner... giving me back a good linking website hopefully. hehe

Hello, A site that is hosted and domain name registered with you has been hacked, you may want to tell the owner of that some hacker is using there site to try to do SEO to pill websites. The hack is creating hidden pages in the form of plus thousands of others which only will show up to seo bots to normal users the homepage will be shown. It would be a good idea to tell the website owner about this problem and help sort it out. The website may get penalized by google but if the problem is sorted out and the hacked hidden pages removed creating 404 pages to these pages will mean all bad links pointing to the site that are also will harm your clients site rankings in google will have no more effect and the site should go back to normal and restore its ranking in google and other search engines. It is a wordpress site so most likely it was a theme or plugin that has been compromised and led the site to be hacked and no doubt there is some bad code in the htaccess file. It is probably in your best interests to sort out this persons site otherwise they will probably get zero traffic, lose interest in the site and then stop hosting with you... Well that's my good deed for today. Thanks bye.

Ahh seo is a nightmare!

Search engine optimization is amazingly boring... and made harder by annoying freaky idiots an big company's dominating.. On one side you have black hats who just spam sites to the top and destroy other people sites either by hacking them or using negative seo and on the other side you got these massive dominant websites like amazon and ebay which rank for everything even though nobody links to the pages at all! Eventually though through a lot of blogging and a lot of hard work you are able to rank a site... just takes a lot of time and investment. But seo has taught me one thing and that is to never buy from  amazon or ebay again aha!

Hacked site.... hmmm what to do.

I based my good link assumption on the fact that is is related and regular updated.. how ever I put it through prchecker and the domain is pr 0.. yet I get the feeling it might have been more than that before being hacked maybe... but i am just presuming there as I have only just noticed. It has 3k pages all pointing to mine, second largest amount of links from 1 single domain to mine... the first largest gives me 30k links though. My football site gets links from espn and wikiepdia? so if I did drop it it wouldn't be that bad.. just a I might disavow it... but just wondered whether it might be good if I got the webmaster to fix the problem therefore all bad spam pages will be 404s and not count right? ITs a tough one.

A site linking to me got hacked

Hello, a site football site that links legit to me in the blogroll looks as though it has been hacked. The site is really relevant and is regularly posted to and is really good link for my football site to have. However in ahrefs I have noticed I have been getting loads and loads of links form this site with pills and 50mg pills and rubbish like that in the url. Will this effect my rankings? I have checked the url by clicking on it but obviously the hacker must be cloaking the url and only showing me the homepage and not the hacked page. The person who owns the site doesn't have a contact form so it being a wordpress website I just sent him a big comment explaining the situation and how he could go about fixing it. What else can I do? Should I send a email to the whois details? Im guessing the person who own the blog doesn't really know much about seo are tech stuff...

I think I can I only do so much.. I dont want to disavow the domain as that would be discrediting such a good link and relevant link.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

The warrioir forum is stupid dont join it

The warrior forum must be one of the worst forums to get seo advice on on earth it is utter garbage. If you want to succeed in the seo world please do not follow any of the rubbish you can read on that forum honestly it really is utter nonsense telling people teo spam their website with rubbish auto generated links to rank... Also its a bit manipulative really and the whole forum is just based upon getting people to buy this really dumb things called wso which stands for warrior special offers. Oh yeah the website used to have a pr5 but google must have penalized the site or something as now it has pr4.. LOL well quite right really as it just has loads of spammy links pointing to it anyway. PLUS THIS IS THE MOST FUNNY PART the warrior forum is so rubbish and they want you to pay to join! how stupid is that.. erm no thank you! Dont waste you money! If you want seo advice then use your common sense, dont spam and there are hundreds of better forums out there to talk to people who actually know what they are doing and are not just out to sell you some cheap rehashed ebook on seo... AVOID THE SNAKEOIL!

Welcome to my blog!

This blog has been set up in order to help small local business in Sheffield get to grips with local Sheffield based seo and promotion on the internet. This blog is something I have really just set up to be helpful and is not intended to sell or market anything at all.. I maybe linking to various website using this blog that I find useful or helpful these website maybe a local business or located somewhere else and I only link to sites that I find usefull and find on the internet related to what I am posting about... there you have it the first tip of many on this new seo blog enjoy!