Monday, 16 December 2013

Hacked site.... hmmm what to do.

I based my good link assumption on the fact that is is related and regular updated.. how ever I put it through prchecker and the domain is pr 0.. yet I get the feeling it might have been more than that before being hacked maybe... but i am just presuming there as I have only just noticed. It has 3k pages all pointing to mine, second largest amount of links from 1 single domain to mine... the first largest gives me 30k links though. My football site gets links from espn and wikiepdia? so if I did drop it it wouldn't be that bad.. just a I might disavow it... but just wondered whether it might be good if I got the webmaster to fix the problem therefore all bad spam pages will be 404s and not count right? ITs a tough one.

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