Thursday, 26 December 2013

Seo saddo's

Searchengineland saddos write posts of Christmas day. Well I do not know whether these guys are religious or not but even so they are remarkably sad to be writing about seo and updating the search engine land blog on Christmas day. Today on boxing day I went to there site and checked what was new in the seo world and low and behold there were posts made in the morning of Christmas day. I actually are starting to think that most seo are just mad crazy people with no lives. I made a point not to work on Christmas day. Also people were by the looks of things bidding on expired domain auctions on Christmas day like complete saddo gits as I noticed today with some domains that I want to bid on later on that these domains now have fresh bids made on Christmas day. I hate seo people.... Hmmm I might do some negative seo on these stupid domains up for auction if I dont get them and they go fo to much money... haha waste the atheist nerds money that would be quite funny..." Oh man I spent £700 for that high pr domain and now its got thousands of spam links pointing to it and now worthless......!"

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