Thursday, 19 December 2013

Blackhat seo's are utter retards

Blackhat are so annoying in seo they seem completed to tell people on forums all the seo secrets about getting high pr domains and all that kind of stuff (not really bothered about spamming and other seo stuff only things that make me money), it is like these guy are really lonely and want attention and buddies so head on over to blackhat forums telling who ever they can for "REPUTATION" because they are so petty and stupid. As they share stuff more and more people do the technique like scraping for domains this way or that and that means the technique becomes more saturated and a lot harder to pay out... but after all these morons dont care if they no longer can me any money or do seo as long as they have reputation.. RETARDS UTTER RETARDS. This also means because so many google employees watch these blackhat forums on what these people are doing means that google can fix anything out of place and anything which can make people money to. DOH!

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