Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Rock solid seo?

Rock solid soe does it really exist? The simple answer is no if you are a small buisness people will not have heard of you and therefore you will need to build link yourself to get your website off the ground and of course this is in no doubt against the search engines guidelines.. oh dear! Rock solid seo would imply everything you did was natural and to be natural you would have to naturally gain links therefore you wouldn't actually be doing seo now would you? If you dont want get penalized make sure that you just dont build rubbish spammy links and keep things looking as natural as possible even if things aren't all that they seem to be and your building links yourself.. the clever thing about the internet is the fact you can pretend to be one person linking to another when you could simply be the same person.. aim to make links were people cannot see if it is from the site owner or from a normal internet user that is the secret.

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