Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Starting a new blog wich had pure spam manual action

I have been really unlucky... or rather I was super lucky but then found out I was unlucky at the same time if you know what I mean, anyway what I am talking about is that I was able to find a expire domain really cheaply with tons of really powerful links pointing to it im guessing it could be a pr 5 or 6 with the huge collection of good links pointing to it... anyway I later added it to webmasters and found out that the previous owner who had used it after the owner who really created it just used i to post two kind spammy articles for two years and left it alone... any way I was wondering how many posts would be acceptable on my new blog for a manual reconsideration to be approved? im just posting good stuff... anyway cheers everyone! (It really is just my luck to be honest. and I hate the stupid spammer who wrecked the domain it would have bee perfectly fine if this tool didnt use it for 2 years to promote some stupid iran shopping website)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Blackhats are weirdos

People on blackhat forums have no brain cells at all it seems.. they would rather be poor and share their methods of seo with to all strangers and gain reputation on that forum but at the same time.... and get the methods fixed and thus nobody can use them even on a matt cutts speech he mentioned that google looks on blackhat forums to see what the spammers are doing to game the search engine. Or if the methods cannot be fixed they will just get saturated and have little value... like telling people how to get high pr expired domains if everyone starts doing a easy method then there are less to grab... WHAT FREAKS I SAY...These blackhats must really be lonely and have something wrong with them....... Keep good methods that make you money to yourself you weirdos or eslse you will just loose it..... clever people will probably most likely work it out for themselves anyway you will just be helping dumbos who will just abuse the method and stop it from working.. or some moron comes along and automates it and grabs everything available from it leaving nothing available for anyone else.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

stupid domain bidder seo's!

People bidding on godaddy auction are morons really... they just bid the price of websites that do not have much seo value or even monetary value at all to huge prices... and then you check back to see what they turn the website into and its either a spammy rubbish one page garbage website, a redirect to a really useless website or just simple a buy this domain page.... Nobody is going to buy a domain off a seller anyway.. noone is really going  to even know that domain has any value as well as it ill drop off the search engines nobody will see that domain sales page and will not bother bidding for it so these domain sellers are really idiots. I also honestly wouldnt buy off them because they are probably or most likely scammers as well..... well that's my opinion. At the moment I am just rather annoyed that I have not been able to get any real decent domains from godaddy auction because of these domain hoggers and also morons that bid days before putting the domain in the godaddy most active pile and then even more stupid freaks bid on it just because everybody else is bidding on it bringing the price up..... I HATE OTHER SEOS THEY ARE DESTROYING MY BUSINESS..... I WILL GO TO WAR WITH THE ENTIRE SEO INDUSTRY IF I HAVE TO...How could some one go to war with the entire seo community.. hmm negative seo all there websites is one way about going about it.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Godaddy bidders are freaks!

People who bid for expired auctions on godaddy most be absolute retards. Honestly do these people or rather seo's have no sense whatsoever? It is sensible and everyone knows that if you want to win a auction cheap online you only bid on it at the very last minute but these retards place meaningless bids on the auctions days before resulting in the auction being put in the active pile bringing more attention and potential bidders to the auction all because one freak had to make a $12 bid 6 days before the auction ends. what stupid morons. If you want to win and get a expired high pr domain for seo purposes on godaddy auctions do make sure that you only bid at the last minute you retards or else you just drive up the price and if it a good one you will not get it very cheap at all.. so do your self a favor you moron!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dont abide by googles rules

My advice to would be to not to listen to the Google webmasters advice from google and just link to what ever website naturally. Do not be dictated to by Google after all it is your website. It is unfair and unjust for Google to hold these rules over the internet putting fear into webmasters that you should no follow just about all you non editorial links....... With so much confusion on what makes a editorial link mean many webmasters are just resorting to no following all there links. The only do follow links that Google seems to think are okay are adwords.. ppppppetty ironic that adwords links are paid for and if Google was a website trying to rank in Google the search engine would be nowhere to be seen as Google doe not abide by its own rules whatsoever by scraping other peoples content on a monumental scale and doesn't produce ANY of its own content and the fact that paid links are now all over the search engines means it is one rule for Google and another for webmaster.s. Really ignore Google guidelines I say as if you follow them you will only be chasing Google trying to scrape together a little bit of the seo pie.......the scraps Google leaves behind basically. Don't be a fool and work out your own strategy of making money online that does not involve pleasing another rather evil cooperation that will try to find any reason to stop you from making money after all any websites that are making money online and not using adwords are competition for Google and should be stomped on.