Monday, 6 January 2014

Godaddy bidders are freaks!

People who bid for expired auctions on godaddy most be absolute retards. Honestly do these people or rather seo's have no sense whatsoever? It is sensible and everyone knows that if you want to win a auction cheap online you only bid on it at the very last minute but these retards place meaningless bids on the auctions days before resulting in the auction being put in the active pile bringing more attention and potential bidders to the auction all because one freak had to make a $12 bid 6 days before the auction ends. what stupid morons. If you want to win and get a expired high pr domain for seo purposes on godaddy auctions do make sure that you only bid at the last minute you retards or else you just drive up the price and if it a good one you will not get it very cheap at all.. so do your self a favor you moron!

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