Thursday, 9 January 2014

stupid domain bidder seo's!

People bidding on godaddy auction are morons really... they just bid the price of websites that do not have much seo value or even monetary value at all to huge prices... and then you check back to see what they turn the website into and its either a spammy rubbish one page garbage website, a redirect to a really useless website or just simple a buy this domain page.... Nobody is going to buy a domain off a seller anyway.. noone is really going  to even know that domain has any value as well as it ill drop off the search engines nobody will see that domain sales page and will not bother bidding for it so these domain sellers are really idiots. I also honestly wouldnt buy off them because they are probably or most likely scammers as well..... well that's my opinion. At the moment I am just rather annoyed that I have not been able to get any real decent domains from godaddy auction because of these domain hoggers and also morons that bid days before putting the domain in the godaddy most active pile and then even more stupid freaks bid on it just because everybody else is bidding on it bringing the price up..... I HATE OTHER SEOS THEY ARE DESTROYING MY BUSINESS..... I WILL GO TO WAR WITH THE ENTIRE SEO INDUSTRY IF I HAVE TO...How could some one go to war with the entire seo community.. hmm negative seo all there websites is one way about going about it.

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