Saturday, 11 January 2014

Blackhats are weirdos

People on blackhat forums have no brain cells at all it seems.. they would rather be poor and share their methods of seo with to all strangers and gain reputation on that forum but at the same time.... and get the methods fixed and thus nobody can use them even on a matt cutts speech he mentioned that google looks on blackhat forums to see what the spammers are doing to game the search engine. Or if the methods cannot be fixed they will just get saturated and have little value... like telling people how to get high pr expired domains if everyone starts doing a easy method then there are less to grab... WHAT FREAKS I SAY...These blackhats must really be lonely and have something wrong with them....... Keep good methods that make you money to yourself you weirdos or eslse you will just loose it..... clever people will probably most likely work it out for themselves anyway you will just be helping dumbos who will just abuse the method and stop it from working.. or some moron comes along and automates it and grabs everything available from it leaving nothing available for anyone else.

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