Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dont abide by googles rules

My advice to would be to not to listen to the Google webmasters advice from google and just link to what ever website naturally. Do not be dictated to by Google after all it is your website. It is unfair and unjust for Google to hold these rules over the internet putting fear into webmasters that you should no follow just about all you non editorial links....... With so much confusion on what makes a editorial link mean many webmasters are just resorting to no following all there links. The only do follow links that Google seems to think are okay are adwords.. ppppppetty ironic that adwords links are paid for and if Google was a website trying to rank in Google the search engine would be nowhere to be seen as Google doe not abide by its own rules whatsoever by scraping other peoples content on a monumental scale and doesn't produce ANY of its own content and the fact that paid links are now all over the search engines means it is one rule for Google and another for webmaster.s. Really ignore Google guidelines I say as if you follow them you will only be chasing Google trying to scrape together a little bit of the seo pie.......the scraps Google leaves behind basically. Don't be a fool and work out your own strategy of making money online that does not involve pleasing another rather evil cooperation that will try to find any reason to stop you from making money after all any websites that are making money online and not using adwords are competition for Google and should be stomped on.

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