Monday, 16 December 2013

A site linking to me got hacked

Hello, a site football site that links legit to me in the blogroll looks as though it has been hacked. The site is really relevant and is regularly posted to and is really good link for my football site to have. However in ahrefs I have noticed I have been getting loads and loads of links form this site with pills and 50mg pills and rubbish like that in the url. Will this effect my rankings? I have checked the url by clicking on it but obviously the hacker must be cloaking the url and only showing me the homepage and not the hacked page. The person who owns the site doesn't have a contact form so it being a wordpress website I just sent him a big comment explaining the situation and how he could go about fixing it. What else can I do? Should I send a email to the whois details? Im guessing the person who own the blog doesn't really know much about seo are tech stuff...

I think I can I only do so much.. I dont want to disavow the domain as that would be discrediting such a good link and relevant link.

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