Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The internet is against democracy

Stupid nerds must vanish. The internet is a place were you should be able to post what you want and freedom of speech should be everywhere but the stupid internet police wish to censor you under the guise of "spam!" Internet nerds that troll the internet whether a moderator on a forum or just someone who goes around the search results of google looking for spam websites to report are destroying the internet. These freaks have no lives and are self righteous gits basically. And it is these gits that are making it far far harder for small business to promote themselves on line because all promotion form a small business is now apparently spam!THEY MAKE ME SICK AND THERE SHOULD BE A GENOCIDE OF THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE IF IT WAS UP TO ME PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WHAT EVER THEY WANT EVEN IF IT IS SELF PROMOTION!

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